March 29th, 2012

Woohoo! And an Update! And a Happy Birthday, too!

First off, a huge thank you to whomever was responsible for this awesomeness:

Category: Steve/Danny Romance

This is seriously cool. I've never been nominated for anything and, even more seriously, I never friggin' win anything. Heck, even with Rrroll up the Rrrim (Tim Horton's annual festivus of win), I'll be lucky to get a free coffee. My Canuck readers will appreciate that more, I'm pretty sure. However, ever since I started writing Slash Fiction (see what I did there? Heh!), Rrroll up the Rrrim takes on much, much dirtier connotations.


(Hello Handbasket of Hell, is there a place for me in there? Yeah, I thought so.)

Click on the banner to read and, if you like it, go vote!!! Voting info can be found at [info]ohana_favorites

In a nutshell: Voting began March 18 and ends April 15, 2012. I would appreciate the support. If nothing else, there's some awesome fic nominated, so go gorge on some hot McDanno action :o)

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