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Love Like an Icelandic Volcano - Master Post

Title: Love Like an Icelandic Volcano
Genre: J2 RPS, AU
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 lite
Warnings (overall): Language, Schmoop (My name is Q Blackheart, and I’m a schmoopoholic), Sex
Word Count: 20,500
Disclaimer: Fiction not fact. All these beautiful guys and gals belong to themselves. I believe Jensen and Jared belong to each other, but that's just me :D Only the words are mine. No malice intended; all my fics are borne from love.



Apparently, when volcanoes erupt in Iceland, they not only throw the world into chaos, but once the embers burn themselves out and the dust settles, love rises from the ashes.   


| One | Two | Three | Four |

Author's Notes

While I was writing my entry for BB last year, I was trying desperately to get from London back home to Toronto, and like millions of other travellers, I got stranded by the gigantic ash cloud that spewed forth from the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull (yeah, try saying that three times fast!), as it brought a significant part of global travel to a standstill.

So as I was sitting in Heathrow’s Terminal 3, typing away at The Play Nice Proviso, I looked around and realized: all these people sitting there with me just had their lives tossed, however briefly, into a bit of chaos. Maybe it was life-altering and maybe it wasn’t, but it made me wonder what Jensen and Jared would do if they were similarly stranded. Apart from having scorching hot airport!sex, of course (just not in this story; I might do a timestamp on that later, lol).

My muse wanted this to be AU, where our beloved boys have spent a significant portion of their lives and education in London, so Britishisms abound on purpose; also because of this, their voices and characterizations are different from how I usually write them, but hopefully, the J2 chemistry remains intact.  I had about a 1,000 words of this written for the past year, but this past week my muse wanted more in this ‘verse and so here it is. Hope you all like it!

Enjoy! Comments = Love!


Thanks as always to my beta kityara_chloe, and my test reader/cheerleader laranlas_keryn, who do such a good job even with the short notice I gave them with this fic. I appreciate it, ladies!

The banner and dividers are sadly mine. Yes, I know. I have no artistic talent and yet I keep putting these together. I'm sorry. Read the story, ignore the self-indulgent 'art'.

This, and all my fics, are posted on my fic community: the8threalm 

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