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The Courtship of Jensen's Co-Star: Fourteen (Part I)

the moonlight plays upon your skin
a kiss that lingers takes me in
the candy sweetness scent of you
it bathes my skin I'm stained by you

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort was spectacular.

With four different courses to play through, all of which afforded amazing views of the pristine Pacific coastline, Jensen was blown away and more than a little antsy to grab the closest golf club and work on his swing. Jared had reserved the Grove Cottage for them, a very private four-bedroom chalet nestled in the woods on the resort property, so secluded that if they closed their eyes, it almost felt like they were the only two people on Earth.

“What is it with you and four bedroom places, when there’s only the two of us?”

Jared grinned. “This way we can fuck in every bed without worrying about wet spots.” Jensen’s face flushed as his dick twitched with avid interest, and Jared laughed as if he was privy to all the private goings on of Jensen’s body. “There’s my blushing virgin.”

“You must not want to get lucky tonight.”

“Such a girl, Jenny.”

“Fuck you. Have fun on the couch by your lonesome.”

“As if you can sleep without me cuddling you, little spoon.”

There was no argument to counter that, so Jensen hastily changed the subject. “I’m hungry.”

Jared laughed, clearly on to his diversionary tactics. “Let’s go get lunch at the Lodge and then maybe go for a walk on the beach? It’s probably too late to start playing now.”

“Sounds good,” Jensen said and Jared reached out a hand to him. Jensen just stared at it. “What?”

Jared looked at his hand like he’d only just realized it was stuck to the rest of his body. He laughed again, nervously this time. “Nothing. Let’s go.”

They spent most of the day at the beach and, ignoring the free shuttle that carted guests to where they needed to go, they walked the scenic woodland trails back to the Lodge, enjoying the bucolic serenity around them; it was such a welcome break from the hectic schedule they’d adhered to over the past few weeks.

They had a leisurely dinner and walked back to the cottage, this time with Jensen reaching out for Jared’s hand, because he was a bit slow on the uptake but he got there eventually; besides, holding hands was nice, and both of them were too pleasantly buzzed to be bothered about it, and there was no one around to see their PDA anyway.

What did bother Jensen, and he was pretty sure it bothered Jared too, was the prospect of having actual sex for the first time. As in, sex sex. With a guy, of course. With each other. That had been hanging over their heads the entire day, a giant elephant in their midst, dogging their every footstep.

“This freaking you out a little?” Jared asked, pointedly not looking at him as they turned down the covers on opposite ends of the bed, their movements steady and unhurried and yet clearly awkward in the dimly lit room.

Jensen was busy not looking at him too, because all that bare flesh Jared was showing off, clad only in his boxers, was distracting, and Jensen was still nervous enough to consider lying, but then he sighed, moving to the nearby window to survey the moonlit woods outside. He just needed a moment to take a breath. “Maybe a little. Chad’s been texting me helpful little pointers all week. They do more harm than good.”

“Yeah,” Jared laughed, “same here. Did you get the ‘instructional’ videos? Which, I’m pretty sure are instructions on what I don’t want to do.”

“Right… Adventurous gay porn.”


“Kinky adventurous gay porn.” Jensen shuddered as Jared chuckled. “I don’t ever want to be suspended three feet in the air, spread-eagled and bound and gagged while you fuck me with a freaky dildo, okay? Just so we’re clear.”

“Okay,” Jared agreed, still sniggering, but he came up and hugged Jensen from behind. “M’not really into that sorta stuff anyway…”

“I know, romance does it for you…”

“What’s wrong with romance?”

“And you call me a girl.”

Jared ignored his jibe. “Just ‘cause we’re guys, doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a little romance, right?” He punctuated his question with a kiss to the side of Jensen’s neck, and Jensen shivered when Jared’s tongue snuck out for a taste of his skin, his voice breathy and low. “I mean, if you’re with someone who’s precious to you, how can you not show them that in every touch of your hands on their body?” Jared’s hands spread out from where they had been wrapped around Jensen’s midsection until they squeezed and spanned his hips. “With every kiss?” Jensen tipped his head to the side to allow Jared’s mouth better access to his neck as Jared pressed a row of sucking, open-mouthed kisses across his skin. “And you mean so much to me…” Jensen’s hands reached out behind him, one tangling in Jared’s hair, anchoring his mouth to Jensen’s neck, while the other grasped his hip and pushed him closer until he could feel the long line of Jared’s erection against the small of his back, and just like that, his anxiety faded, replaced by desire, hot and sure, coursing through his body like wildfire.


“You mean everything to me, Jen,” Jared whispered, his right hand moving until it rested over Jensen’s hardening cock, cupping him gently, his touch tauntingly slow and deliberately repetitive as he kept rubbing the mound of his palm along Jensen’s length and then squeezing tenderly, cock and balls both, because his hand was just that big, Jensen thought with a shudder, while Jared’s left hand held him steady by the back of his head so Jared could press flawless kisses along the line of his jaw.

Jensen endured it for as long as he could, growing longer and harder under Jared’s gentle, teasing touch, but then his head dropped back against Jared’s shoulder and he gave voice to the fervent moan he could no longer keep quiet. Jared’s dick twitched against his back in response, and suddenly Jared was shoving Jensen’s boxers down, letting gravity take over as they slid to his ankles; Jensen felt Jared do the same behind him, reveling in the hot rub of Jared’s bare cock against his skin, and he didn’t even have the presence of mind to step out of his boxers.

He just stood there and let the sensation overwhelm him: Jared’s fist a tight vise on his dick, Jared’s mouth sucking on his neck as he pushed his cock down and tucked it along the cleft of Jensen’s ass, pre-come slicking its way as Jared thrust against him, Jensen spreading his legs and bending over a bit to ease Jared’s way, his hands plastered on the cool windowpane.

This was nothing like it had been that first time, when anger and frustration had fueled their passion. This time, every move of Jared’s hand, snug and with just the right amount of pressure, was carefully meted out to drive Jensen crazy, wringing moan after moan from his mouth as Jared stroked and tugged and twisted, his thumb delving into the slit at Jensen’s tip, rubbing hard, sending delicious prickly sensations scooting up and down Jensen’s nerves. Jared’s other hand, meanwhile, cupped and played with Jensen’s sac, teasing and rolling his balls, pressing just right at his perineum, one long finger reaching as far back as his hole, giving Jensen no respite between Jared’s cock sliding over it and his finger pressing into it, almost breaching it and opening him up.

When it got to be too hot, too much, too good, when the maelstrom of sensation crackling like electricity up and down his nerves had Jensen gasping for breath, he turned his head, blindly seeking Jared’s kiss, and Jared obliged, plundering his mouth like he was staking his claim again, devouring him, like he couldn’t hold himself back, carnal and wild, like he could never get enough of Jensen.

Then Jared’s finger, slickened with pre-come, pushed maddeningly slow inside his hole, and the novelty of the intrusion, the heat and lust in it, had Jensen groaning against Jared’s mouth and flying apart in his arms, thick white ropes of come spurting all over Jared’s hands as Jensen collapsed against the window, winded but nowhere near sated, his new position giving Jared a better angle to thrust against, and so he did, grunting as he gripped Jensen’s hips tightly, smearing Jensen’s come into their skin, his every movement fiercely possessive as his slick cockhead tripped and slid over Jensen’s furled asshole, teasing and taunting in the best way possible, a promise of things to come.

Jared came a few thrusts later, falling against Jensen’s back, his broad chest heaving as he struggled for air.

“Shit,” he panted. “Fuck. If almost sex with you is this damn good,” he whispered into Jensen’s nape, “actual sex is gonna kill me.”

Jensen agreed wholeheartedly. “But what a way to go…”

“Mmm,” Jared assented, standing up straighter and turning Jensen in his arms, pulling him close so that he could kiss him, slow and deep, a delicious tangle of tongues, as they explored each other’s mouths as if completely unfamiliar with the tastes and textures to be found within. Jared’s hands slipped down to Jensen’s ass, pulling him flush against his body so that their spent dicks pressed together, side by side in a snug, perfect fit, yin and yang, as Jared ate at his mouth, and sucked on his tongue, those huge hands squeezing his ass, spreading his cheeks as long, come-sticky fingers delved into his still-slick cleft, rubbing against his sensitized hole, causing Jensen to whimper deep down in this throat.

Jared growled in his ear, the sound feral and possessive. “Wanna fuck you…”

“Yeah,” Jensen breathed against his mouth, and fuck it, he wrapped one leg and then the other around Jared’s lean hips as Jared got with the program and hefted him up. “Yeah, please.

breathe in, breathe out
there is no sound
we move together up and down
we levitate, our bodies soar
our feet don't even touch the floor

Jensen took over the reins when they fell atop the bed, pushing Jared onto the cool blue sheets as Jared spread himself out, like a starfish, Jensen thought with a chuckle as he settled carefully over him, the taut planes of their bodies finding that same incredible fit that they’d discovered in the rest of their lives. Jensen kissed him, languid and thorough, like he had all the time in the world, until Jared groaned and grasped his ass again, squeezing so tight that Jensen was sure there’d be permanent impressions of his hands on Jensen’s skin.

With only the dim lamp on beside the bed, Jared’s tanned, flawless skin was bathed in an incandescent glow; he looked like he’d been sculpted by a master, his muscles standing out in delectable definition whenever he moved. Jensen’s hands stroked over that smooth flesh, from Jared’s pecs down to his abs, over the divots of his hips, so sexy and irresistible. Jensen wanted to run his tongue through the ridges there, just along that v-shaped valley that led to where Jared’s cock was nestled, sated for now but showing signs of life.

Perhaps he needed a little help with that, Jensen thought benevolently, grinning wickedly as he slid down Jared’s body, so distracted along the way by a pair of cute caramel-colored nipples that he had to stop for a taste first. He stayed longer than he’d expected to, never once thinking that this would be just as hot with a man as it was with a woman; he’d stupidly thought that without the plump fullness of a breast to hold onto, suckling a sweet nipple would be a bit pointless, but Jared writhed and moaned like it was an otherworldly experience, like Jensen had somehow discovered a nerve that shot from nipple to dick, and every flick of his tongue, every broad stripe, every nip and suckle was firing impulses straight to Jared’s cock, which twitched against Jensen’s belly, bravely trying to resurrect itself to full mast. Jensen lavished the same praise onto Jared’s other nipple and was rewarded by a spurt of pre-come, sticky like honey against his skin.

It was what got him moving again, licking his way down a set of perfect six-pack abs, the body that Jared worked so hard for reaping the benefits now; Jensen found it impossible to resist, and every inch of Jared’s skin that he passed was peppered with open-mouthed kisses and wet licks of Jensen’s very talented tongue.

Coming up close and personal with Jared’s cock had Jensen’s breath catching in his chest just from the sheer beauty of the man beneath him, gorgeous and golden-skinned, and Jensen let his breath, when it came, ghost over Jared’s skin, warm and moist. He nuzzled at Jared’s crotch first, breathing in the musky sweet scent of him before licking the crown of his cock. Jared whimpered and Jensen felt his dick twitch in response, and he had to put a hand to himself, palm down, pressing hard against the leaking head as he took a calming breath. Then he focused on Jared again, the hand he’d had on his own dick just a second ago now circling Jared’s, his grip firm but his touch soft as he brought Jared to his lips, rubbing the sticky, drooling tip across his lips before he licked them, savoring the salty taste, keeping it on his tongue, learning and memorizing the flavor, before going back for more.

He tentatively licked the underside of Jared’s stiff cock, a broad swipe of his tongue over the sensitive bundle of nerves there, doing what Jensen liked to have done to himself, because he suddenly realized that despite how easy he was finding his exploration of the most intimate parts of Jared’s body, this was his first blowjob. On this end of things, anyway. He pulled back a little, surveying what he was laying claim to, enjoying the angry red flush along the length of Jared’s dick as it hardened in Jensen’s hand, the glistening pink tip making Jensen’s mouth water. He ducked his head down, and sucked on the crown of Jared’s cock for a few leisurely seconds before taking as much of Jared into the cavern of his mouth as he could, because Jared was proportional and even if he didn’t quite put Jensen to shame, he was a lot to take for a novice. Even with a fist around Jared’s base, Jensen had him in deep, so deep he almost choked on it, but it was good; it was glorious, and boy, could he ever get used to this.

So, perhaps when it came to cocksucking, Jensen might just be a natural. Or maybe this just came naturally to him because it was Jared; he couldn’t imagine doing this, feeling this way, with anyone else.

He bobbed his head up and down, keeping his mouth snug around Jared, hollowing his cheeks for better suction and using only the barest hint of teeth, just because Jared made the prettiest little noises when he scraped them along the steely hot shaft on every other pass he took. He looked up at Jared through his lashes, a little startled to find Jared propped up on his elbows, his dark, intense gaze focused right on Jensen, on the way his mouth was moving up and down his length. Jared’s own mouth, pretty and bitten and spit-slick, was hanging open as he stared and Jensen stared right back, moaning as he made an effort to take Jared just a little bit deeper, just the tiniest bit tighter, and was rewarded for his effort when Jared gasped in pleasure.

“Jen…sen,” he rasped, as if it took a supreme effort of will to talk, “I’m gonna…” And supporting his weight on one elbow, he reached down and grasped the back of Jensen’s head, trying to pull him off.

Jensen wasn’t having it though, and as Jared came in the very next second, salty and bitter and flooding his mouth, Jensen took it all in, taste and sensation, because this was sure as fuck not going to be the last time he would be doing this, not if it got Jared so damn hot and bothered; it was only right that Jensen get used to the flavor of Jared on his tongue. He couldn’t swallow it all, but he made a valiant effort, wiping the excess come dribbling down his chin on the sheets near his knee.

With Jared sated and replete, Jensen was still left with one little, or not so little – actually a quite large, very insistent – problem, but luckily, this was one he was an expert in taking care of himself. After all, he had survived almost a year without sex – how the fuck had he not noticed that before? – he could do this. It probably wouldn’t take very long at all, not with the mental images of what they’d done thus far replaying in a loop in his mind, poetic pornography in motion.

He fisted himself, so close to shooting all over the sheets when Jared stopped him, yanking his hand away and hauling him up along the length of his body.

“Fuck me.”

Jensen blinked at the words spilling from Jared’s mouth like they were spoken in a language he wasn’t fluent in.

“Fuck me, Jen. Do it.”

“But you were gonna…fuck me.”

“Yeah, yeah. Later. No reason why we can’t both pitch and catch, right?”

“Whoa. That’s awesome, can we talk baseball some other time, you know, when my dick isn’t about to fall off?”

“I put the stuff in the nightstand drawer.”

“What stuff?”

“The stuff stuff.”

“That’s surprisingly unhelpful, Jared.”

“Christ, Jensen! The lube and stuff.”


“Oh. Get to it, cowboy, or you’ll be pitching blue balls.”

“Again with the baseball analogies – I swear I’m never gonna watch a game without thinking of sex… Jared, why is this lube strawberry-flavored?”

“Because you love strawberry-flavored everything, just not the actual fruit. Unless it’s in shortcake. God, you are so complicated. Freak.”

“Hey, there’s actual fruit in jam…”

“Do you really want to discuss breakfast condiments right now, Jensen?”

“I’m just curious as to why it needs to be flavored is all.”

“I will gladly demonstrate later. For the moment, could you pretty please, get the fuck on with it?”

“I was… Why are you in such a hurry? I’m the one who needs to… Yeah, so, I was kind of hoping that you would do this the first time… You know, so…I wouldn’t have to…”


“Jesus, just this one goddamn time, yes. I’m a wuss, okay? Happy now?”

“I will be when you get your dick in me. Gimme the lube. It’s not that hard, see? Squirt it out, get your fingers nice and slick…”

“Have you done this before?”


“Jared, what the fuck? With whom?”

“To myself, Jensen!”


“Oh. So, slick fingers, and then just kind of swirl them around…er…here, and stick one…nghhh…in.”

“Holy fucking shit, Jay.”

“Then you push…in…and out, keep it going until…”

“So hot, fuck…”

“…it gets a little looser, then push…”

“Fuck! Fuck… Let me, goddammit, let me do it…”


“Two… Can we do three, Jay? Shit, you’re tight! How the fuck am I gonna fit?”

“You’ll fit…believe me. Ohhh…go for three, Jen. Go for three…”

“Okay, okay… Fuck, where’re the condoms?”

“Don’t need one…”

“Bare…? So fucking hot, Jay… You sure?”

“Yeah. Yes! Please, Jen…wanna feel you…”

“Okay. All right. Fuck, you’re beautiful…”

“Jensen. You…you’ve got your fingers up my ass… I’m sweaty and gross and…you’re delusional.”

“Am not… Every goddamn inch of you is beautiful. I love you so much, you don’t even know...”

“Wha…? Whoa. Way to get a guy’s heart racing…”

“Jared, please say you’re ready…”

“I’m ready, Jensen.”

there are no words
there's only truth

Jensen pushed into Jared’s body with excruciating patience, slow and unhurried even when all he’d wanted to do was fuck right into Jared’s tight, slick heat, balls-deep and mind blown.

The intrusion, careful and tender though it was, had to be painful; it had to hurt, right? Jensen muttered soothing nonsense as he slid in, inch by inch, shushing Jared’s little whimpers as his hands tightened their grip on Jared’s thighs, pushing them further apart as if it could help to give him more room.

Then, every nuance on Jared’s face that had been scrunched up in pain teetering at the edge of pleasure smoothened out, leaving wonder and want in its wake, while Jared threw his head back and bared his throat for Jensen’s greedy mouth as Jensen’s equally avaricious cock sunk home, all the way in, and settled for endless moments, waiting for Jared’s body to acclimate and accommodate to him. Jared shifted, a slow wind and roll of his hips as if seeking a better fit only he could feel, and he looked at Jensen, pleading, and by tacit agreement, Jensen pulled out, his pace practically lethargic as he withdrew, almost all the way, before bracing himself, and Jared, and slamming in again, all the way to the hilt.

Jared groaned, deep and long, like this was the best thing ever, the best feeling, all of his favorite things rolled into one, and Jensen had to oblige and indulge him, so he moved, setting a sluggish pace at first; then, as the pressure and the pleasure got too much for him to bear, as the tight, clinging, wet suction of Jared’s hole around his cock became his singular point of focus, he increased his speed and dexterity, swiveling his hips a little on the downstroke because it made Jared’s eyes roll back in his head in pleasure as blissful, beseeching sounds emanated from somewhere deep within him, spurring Jensen on and on and on until finesse fell by the wayside and frantic, frenzied thrusting took its place, Jared canting his hips up every time Jensen bore down.

Seconds, minutes, hours later – because Jensen no longer had any concept of time and space – Jared came, again, without a hand on him, because, yes, apparently Jensen was just that good, and then Jensen came, hard enough to witness a supernova behind his eyelids as he collapsed against Jared’s lax, sated body.

all I have to do is hold you
there's a racing in my heart
and I am barely touching you

“Fuck,” Jared moaned, what seemed an eternity later, “why in the name of all that’s holy did we wait so fucking long to do that?”

“We’re morons.”


Jensen sighed and snuggled into Jared’s chest, using it as a pillow this time, because Jared had had a stroke of genius when they were turning down the covers and they’d switched sides in bed, so now when Jensen went to sleep on his right side, he was facing Jared. “It’s my turn next, by the way.”

“You wish. Never thought I’d say this, but I think I like catching.”

“Yeah, well, next time, I wanna catch. You pitch.”

“You are such a lazy ass!” Jared further punctuated his words by poking Jensen’s side. “Figured that pitchers do all the work, huh?”

“I’ma fight you for it, sasquatch.”

“Good luck with that, shortstack.”

“I’ll thumb wrestle you…”

“I’ll tickle you.”

“Don’t make me bring out the big guns, Padalecki.” Jared scoffed, but Jensen stayed smug, snuggling closer and pressing a soft kiss at the base of Jared’s neck, smiling when he felt Jared’s pulse spike beneath the curve of his lips. “I know all the chinks in your armor.”

“Is that so?”


“Bring it on, Ackles.”

turn me on, never stop
wanna taste every drop
my love for you

Jensen blinked awake a couple of hours later, not quite sure what had woken him, but he shivered, and it made Jared’s arms tighten around him, one hand soothing down the curve of his spine; it wasn’t even conscious on Jared’s part, but Jensen felt the affection in his touch anyway.

It made him smile. It made him turn his head a little and kiss Jared’s shoulder. It made him want to get up and start making love all over again.

He tweaked a nearby nipple. Nothing. He tugged on a lock of hair. Nada. Jensen sighed and decided to wake Jared with a blowjob; hey, it was a dirty, dirty job but someone had to do it. Just call him Mike Rowe.

Carefully extricating himself from Jared’s hold, he moved, stealthy and sneaky, until he’d spread Jared’s legs wide open. He settled between them, flat on his belly, and considered Jared’s pretty cock, limp and nestled against one strong thigh. He held it in his hand, learning and loving the feel of it flaccid, the same and yet so different from his own. Placing a tender kiss on the tip, he opened his mouth and lazily began sucking, Jared barely stirring as Jensen rested his head against his thigh. As Jensen sucked Jared to hardness, he wondered abstractly if diet factored into the taste of jizz, or even pre-come, for that matter. He tasted different from Jared, that much he knew, and while he wasn’t about to go testing his theory with anyone else, he wondered: Was the amount of candy Jared packed away somehow responsible for that hint of sweetness he had tasted under the salt, hidden behind the bitter aftertaste, like a secret that only Jensen would be privy to from now on?

Oh, he liked the thought of that. Something secret and private just between the two of them. It hastened his movements, his head bobbing a little more as he fisted a little harder and licked a little rougher, eagerly chasing that sweetness as a globule of pre-come pooled at Jared’s slit, Jensen’s tongue lapping greedily at it before dipping back in to try and coax some more out.

Then he remembered, and his fingers moved of their own volition, sliding behind Jared’s balls until they grazed over his hole, still a little stretched open from before, like an invitation Jensen really couldn’t wait to accept again, still a little wet from Jensen’s come and strawberry-flavored lube. Jensen’s fingers swirled in the mess there before he studied them in earnest, deliberating over the deed before he stuffed them into his mouth alongside Jared’s slowly awakening cock, and oh, now the myriad of bittersweet tastes amplified as the sweet-tart strawberry flavor burst against his tongue.


Truly, Jared had the best ideas sometimes; Jensen could totally get on board with this flavored lube thing, and this cocksucking thing, and this pitching-and-catching thing.

Hell, when it came to this Jared thing, Jensen was so on board for the ride.

turn the lights down low
take it off, let me show
my love for you

“Having fun?”

Jensen blinked his eyes open from where he was focused on sucking Jared’s cock; seeing Jared looking down at him, drowsy and debauched, was like a kick in the gut, a hit that went right to his dick, which didn’t need any help, because sucking Jared was fast becoming a turn on in and of itself.

But there had been method behind this madness, right?

He pulled off. “You complaining?” he asked, his voice rough from his recent exertion.

“Not hardly,” Jared groaned. “By all means, don’t let me interrupt.”

“Actually,” Jensen said, trying for nonchalance as he crawled up the length of Jared’s big, beautiful body, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses as he went, “I have a better place you could stick that.”

Jared snorted. “Subtle, you are not.”

“True,” Jensen agreed, grasping Jared’s face between his palms and kissing him, mouths wide open, as their tongues shamelessly twined together, both of them moaning and rubbing against each other, wanton and helpless. “Fuck me, Jay, show me what you got.”


The sound of his name, said just like that, falling from Jared’s mouth on a single breath, in one long, lustful moan, would forever be the best sound Jensen had ever heard.

Jared pulled him close until Jensen collapsed against his chest, and then in one swift move, he was turning them, effortlessly, until Jensen was pinned beneath his body, with both his hands held down by Jared’s hands on his wrists like manacles. He couldn’t move, or breathe, not when Jared smiled wickedly, his dimples poking into his cheeks and making Jensen want to lick them as Jared stared him down and closed the space between them, as if they had an eternity to do this in, as if their rock-hard erections weren’t branding their bellies with heat, as if Jensen wasn’t teetering on the brink of madness.

He began his torturous advances with a series of little nips to Jensen’s mouth, bites and nibbles of his bottom lip that turned into sucking little kisses that Jensen could get in on, because he could do it back to Jared, suck on Jared’s bow-shaped upper lip and lick across the dip there.

They kissed forever. They kissed until Jensen couldn’t differentiate the taste of his spit from Jared’s, until his lips were numb, until his tongue knew by touch alone the topography of Jared’s mouth, every valley over the tops of his teeth, every raised ridge of his palate and the smooth, satiny slopes of the insides of his cheeks.

When Jared finally raised his head to look at Jensen, his eyes clouded with lust and love, they just stared at each other, their breathing gently returning to normal, their chests rising and falling in tandem, their bodies pushed so close together it was wondrous that they could breathe.

“Turn over,” Jared whispered, rising on all fours as he made room, and Jensen shuddered at the sensuous intent in his deep voice.

He turned, pressing his cock into the mattress, praying he would outlast whatever Jared had planned. What he expected was to have his legs splayed open, something – anything – that meant sex was next on the agenda. What he got was the gentle brush of Jared’s long hair, feather-soft and ticklish, against the nape of his neck, followed by the gentle press of Jared’s soft lips against his skin.

“Do you know how long…?” Jared asked huskily, pausing as he pressed another kiss to the skin behind Jensen’s ear. “Every time…every single time I kissed you right here…” Jared’s next kiss was lower, right at his nape, but just as soft. “Every night…” he said, kissing between Jensen’s shoulder blades, “do you know how many times I wanted to just...pull you close like this?” Another kiss followed, in the dip of his spine, Jared’s tongue licking into the groove, sliding ever downwards. “Fuck you open with my fingers and slide my cock inside you…” He kissed the curve of Jensen’s back, his face so close that Jensen felt the flutter of Jared’s eyelashes against his skin. “Go slow and deep until you couldn’t feel anything but me inside you…” Jared’s huge hands gently kneaded the flesh of his ass as he sucked open-mouthed kisses down the cleft.

Jensen shivered and groaned out loud. “Jared…”

So long…”

“Jay, please…”

“Shh… I’ll get you there, baby…” Jared rose again, the mattress dipping as he moved, slow and steady while Jensen practically quivered with want, the heady combination of Jared’s low, sexy voice and the endearment he loved hearing so much leaving him breathless. “You like that, Jensen? You like it when I call you baby?” Jared asked, as if greatly interested in the answer, even as he grabbed a pillow and moved down the bed with it. Jensen whimpered, beyond caring how needy it made him sound. “’Cause you are, you know. You are my baby…”


Jared shushed him, the sound rippling through the stillness of the room, tranquil and calm, just as Jensen’s shuddering, raspy breath in response shattered that quiet, guttural and gruff as Jared nudged Jensen’s hips and tried to slide the pillow beneath him. “Lift up a little for me,” Jared murmured, and that strange serenity in the room reasserted itself as Jensen did his bidding, spreading himself wider and tilting his ass into the air as Jared settled between his legs.

The soft snick of the lube being opened had his breath hitching again, anticipation and anxiety warring within him as Jared’s fingers spread his ass cheeks open. With his other hand, fingers now slick with lube, he rubbed along the sleek length of Jensen’s cleft, skimming over his hole, causing it to pucker and clench instinctively, before sliding down along his perineum until he squeezed his balls, driving Jensen crazy with his teasing as he withdrew his touch completely.

“You waiting for an engraved invitation?” Jensen asked, growling when Jared chuckled, startling when he felt Jared’s breath at his hole, losing all semblance of rational thought when Jared closed his lips over it and sucked.

Jensen’s entire body bucked in shock, his breath stuttering as he blinked rapidly, his brain trying to process the fact that Jared was kissing his asshole.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Now Jared was licking him and… Well, he had had a shower before bed, but still, licking him there was just… Eww.

Until it wasn’t.

Until it was the single hottest thing Jensen had ever felt.

Jared’s tongue, flexed to a point, pushed inside his hole, prodding him and then licking around his rim, before pushing inside again, deeper this time, and dirtier. Jensen panted and held onto the sheets as if they could ground him while Jared licked and sucked and brazenly decimated the last of his defenses.

Jensen groaned, loud and wanton, as one slick finger slid inside him, right alongside Jared’s tongue, moving in tandem with it, mercilessly twisting and shoving its way inside, spreading him open as Jensen grunted and panted and tried to keep from coming his brains out. He whimpered, and Jared, perhaps taking it for acquiescence – which Jensen supposed it was, give the man a prize – withdrew his tongue and finger. Before Jensen could protest the loss, the fingers were back, plural this time, two of them, big and brawny, stretching him as they delved deep inside, rubbing and scissoring, the soft scratch of Jared’s blunt nails sending little shockwaves through his body.

The sensation was odd and uncomfortable and not as good as when Jared had his tongue inside him, but then Jared moved his fingers, slid them almost all the way out before plunging them all the way in again, and it was weird and kind of wonderful and Jensen wanted more, and Jared – intuitive as always – pulled out and added a third finger, stretching Jensen’s hole even wider, more painfully this time, the intrusion burning as he writhed and moaned and tried to get away and push closer at the same time.

The touch of Jared’s tongue along his rim again went a long way to soothing him, and Jensen practically sobbed with the relief of it, because he couldn’t have breathed otherwise, but just as soon as it began, Jared’s tongue was gone again, but Jared’s fingers continued with their sweet torture.

In and out, twist, up and down, swivel, side to side, stretch; it was incessant. But then Jared slid those fingers inside one last time, crooking them as he rubbed determinedly along Jensen’s inner walls. When Jared hit Jensen’s prostate, Jensen shouted in surprise and reared up, only Jared’s sturdy grip keeping him flat on his belly. He spurted pre-come onto the pillow beneath his body as he gasped but Jared gave him no reprieve or room to breathe as he rubbed and stroked and massaged his prostate until Jensen was insensate with the need to come.

But not like this.

“Jared…” he whispered, his voice hoarse from the grunting sounds he just couldn’t help making, “fuck me.”

Jared froze. His voice, when he spoke, was filled with quiet desperation. “Fuck. Okay. Okay. Get on your knees, it’ll hurt less that way…” he murmured, and Jensen heard the squelch of lube again, and he imagined Jared spreading it along the thick length of his cock. The image alone almost made him come, and he grabbed his dick and held on hard, his grip on himself punishing as he held off his orgasm.

Of course his efforts went straight to hell when he felt the blunt, slick tip of Jared’s hard cock nudge at his entrance. He groaned and pushed back into the touch, Jared chuckling darkly as he wound a big, strong arm around Jensen’s waist.

“I’ll get you there…”

“Hurry,” Jensen practically wheezed, “not gonna last much longer.”

He wanted to take back his words when the crown of Jared’s cock breached his hole, though; it felt huge. Way bigger than even three of Jared’s fingers, and that was saying a lot because Jared had hands the size of Frisbees and Jensen tended to notice and perhaps get insanely turned on by these things. He shifted uncomfortably as Jared pressed in deeper, biting his lip to keep from crying out at the pain, bracing himself by his death grip on the sheets.

Jared kept pushing.

Jensen clenched his jaw and breathed through his nose as Jared rubbed a hand up and down the curve of his back, soothing and sweet, but Jensen was too far gone to appreciate the tenderness of the gesture when Jared’s cock was splitting him in two.

So maybe he should stick to pitching in this relationship, he mused, whining when Jared took a deep breath, because Jensen could feel him do it and even that hurt, but then Jared grabbed his hips, tight and steady, and just shoved.

“Fuck,” Jensen grunted, his arms giving out as he face-planted into the mattress, only Jared’s hands on him keeping the rest of his body elevated.

“I’m so sorry, baby,” Jared murmured into his back, panting with the effort of keeping himself still inside Jensen. “It’ll get better, I promise…”

Jensen wanted to believe Jared almost as much as he resented him for putting him through this in the first place. The pain was searing. He could still feel the burn of the intrusion, no matter how thorough the prep had been. He was tempted to tell Jared just to get on with it, because he was also pretty damn sure that his erection had deflated with startling speed, and there was no coming back from that.

Jared, though, still buried balls deep inside him and showing no signs of doing anything about it, moved along the length of his back until his chest was pressed against Jensen’s back like a living blanket, heavy and warm and comforting, until his lips brushed that sensitive spot below Jensen’s ear.

“I’m sorry…”

“S’okay,” Jensen mumbled; he supposed it wasn’t Jared’s fault that he was hung like a freaking elephant.

“I love you.”

Jensen sighed and turned his head slightly. “Love you too.”

“I will make it good for you, Jen…”

“Don’t worry about it…” Jensen said, feeling bad for Jared now; he twisted his neck and puckered his lips until Jared smiled a little smile and leaned in to kiss him, soft and sweet and tasting like strawberries.

Which was, of course, exactly when Jensen remembered where his mouth had last been.

Jensen drew back in horror. “Eww!”

Jared crooked an eyebrow at him. “Eww?”

“You…umm… You had…” Jensen stammered, flushing hotly as he tried to articulate. “You just had your tongue…you know, in my… Down there!”

Jared snorted. “Didn’t hear you complainin’ at the time…” He leaned in until his lips brushed the shell of Jensen’s ear. “And if you can’t say it, I’m not gonna do it again.”

“I…I don’t even know what to say!”

“Rimming,” Jared said, smirking like a sonuvabitch. “It’s called rimming. Did you like it?”

Jensen nodded as vigorously as he could manage, given their awkward positions. “It was really fucking good.”

“Good,” Jared replied smugly. “One of the many uses of flavored lube.”


“Oh,” Jared mocked before smiling and kissing Jensen’s temple. “You feeling a little better now? Does it still hurt?”

And yeah, it took Jensen a couple of seconds to remember what Jared was talking about because, hell, Jared was still snug and hard inside Jensen.

And huh, there was really no more pain; all Jensen could feel was this strange sensation of fullness, and…it wasn’t too bad.

“I’m good,” he whispered in wonder, getting a dimpled smile in reward, one of those smiles he couldn’t help mirroring. He reached up, entangling his hand in Jared’s hair as he twisted around an extra inch or two to kiss Jared again, heartfelt and grateful for the distraction, and for taking his mind off the pain. “Love you so much.”

“Well, I am very lovable…” Jared bragged and Jensen chuckled quietly. “Can we get on with it, princess? ‘Cause I’ma die if I quit now.” Jensen took a deep breath and nodded, and Jared kissed him again, sucking on his bottom lip a little before releasing him and rearing back, taking Jensen right along with him until he was seated in Jared’s lap, impaled on his cock, helpless as this new angle did desperate and funny and freaky things to his insides.

Jensen melted into Jared, his back to Jared’s chest, as Jared grasped his flagging erection and pumped it slowly back to hardness, his grip strong and every pleasurable stroke sending desire sparking through Jensen’s nerves again. Then Jared moved his hips. Just slightly at first, the motion almost imperceptible but for his cock inside Jensen, where Jensen could feel even the smallest twinge of movement. When Jared’s thumb grazed over the slit at the tip of his cock, he pulled his hips back a bit, and then thrust back in, Jensen’s head falling back against Jared’s shoulder as he let go and let himself drown in the sensation of Jared all around and inside him.

Then Jensen moved. He ignored Jared’s soft gasp of surprise and braced himself, knees pressed into the mattress on either side of Jared’s thighs as he tentatively lifted himself up, Jared’s breath whooshing out across his shoulder blades when he slid back down again.

That wasn’t too bad; actually, it had been halfway to real good.

He moved again, both Jared’s hands flying to Jensen’s hips, to help or hinder, Jensen didn’t know, but he wasn’t about to let Jared stop him because this shit was about to get interesting. Up. Down. Rinse. Repeat. Fuck. It was all the way good now. No burn, just stretch. No pain, just fullness. Jensen moved faster, Jared’s breath hitching on every downward stroke as he leaned his forehead into Jensen’s nape and just sat there, letting Jensen ride him.

“Fuck, Jen,” Jared panted, sounding like he was coming apart at the seams. “So tight… You’re so tight around me…so goddamn perfect, Jensen. Knew you would be…”

And suddenly, it wasn’t enough to just hear Jared losing it; Jensen wanted to see him.

He lifted off Jared completely, ignoring Jared’s shocked protest as he fell forward and flipped onto his back in a flurry of movement, all at once splaying his legs open and hooking his ankles around Jared’s waist, dragging him closer. “Wanna see you when you come,” he whispered, “and when you make me come. Wanna watch your face.”

Jared crashed down onto him, their mouths colliding in a passionate, fevered kiss as Jared took hold of his cock and guided it back inside Jensen, easy as you please now, his hips moving immediately, starting that timeless dance that even Jared had mastered when Jensen knew from experience that Jared had no dance moves to speak of. This, though…this Jared could do.

Once he was back inside Jensen, cock buried to the hilt, Jared steadied himself for an endless moment before he began to move. In and out, steady and unrelenting until, with a swivel of his hips, he hit Jensen’s prostate. Jensen bucked off the bed as pleasure shot through his every nerve ending, sharp and sudden and electrifying, and Jared noticed, so he did it again. And again, and he fucking kept on doing it until Jensen was a mindless, writhing mess beneath him, his cock spurting pre-come against his belly, against Jared’s belly as he bore down on him, until Jensen couldn’t take it, until he had to come right fucking now or he would die.

“Do it,” Jared rasped, “touch yourself for me.”

Jensen didn’t need to be told twice; he had his dick in his hand before the words were all the way out of Jared’s mouth. It only took a handful of tight, just-right strokes, the sight of Jared braced above him, the feel of Jared hard and perfect inside him, and Jensen came, the force of his ejaculation surprising them both, because he shot everywhere, his ass clenching around Jared as his breath punched out of his body in heaving gasps.

Jared groaned, long and loud as he sank down again, Jensen’s channel tightening and relaxing and tightening again as the aftershocks of what had felt like the best orgasm he’d ever had in his entire goddamn life rippled through him.

“Got to, Jen…” Jared grunted, looking pained and torn, “gotta go hard… Need to fuck you harder…”

Jensen put one leg and then the other on Jared’s shoulders, the points of Jared’s clavicles biting into his calves. “Do it. Fuck me, Jay. Hard as you want… I’m yours.”

“Yeah... Mine,” Jared growled, his hazel eyes green around the rims, pupils blown wide with lust, his hands gripping Jensen’s thighs with a savage possessiveness as he bore down again, spreading Jensen open even wider, practically bending him in two as he fucked him, no holds barred, no tenderness, nothing but the ravenous, rampant desire to come.

How Jared had even held on so long mystified Jensen, but hold on – and hold out – he did. He fucked him so hard that Jensen was sure he’d be feeling it all week, and he kept hitting Jensen’s prostate with amazing accuracy too, and that felt so damn good that Jensen could feel his dick stir with renewed interest. That had certainly never happened so fast before, but fuck, it was happening now, and it felt so incredibly awesome, and then it felt even better when Jared bit and sucked at his neck, before he ravaged Jensen’s mouth in a hot, hungry kiss.

Jared continued to piston his hips, picking up speed until he threw his head back and fucked Jensen with shallow, frenzied strokes, panting and gasping and then suddenly stilling, his every muscle standing out in stark, taut relief as he came, shooting hard inside Jensen as his face went slack, eyes screwed shut and mouth hanging open as he undulated his hips, cock still hard as he pumped Jensen full of come, as he kept fucking into him, slow and sweet now as he rode out the last waves of his orgasm.

Jensen came – again and unexpectedly – his jaw dropping to his chest in shock. He didn’t shoot this time – probably because he’d used up a week’s worth of jizz in the last few hours alone – but his ass still clenched and Jared’s movements stuttered as he blinked down at him in surprise.

“Again?” Jensen shrugged as best he could, his chest rising and falling in synchrony with Jared’s, and Jared smirked smugly. “Man, I am awesome at this.”

“Fuck you.”

“Not now, sugar,” Jared drawled, and even though it was said in jest, that one, sweet little word had Jensen’s breath catching. “Maybe later,” Jared continued, thankfully oblivious to Jensen’s reaction, “when I’m a little less dead.” He pulled out of Jensen with a squelch, looking down at himself for a second before looking up at Jensen again, his gaze intense. “My come is leaking out of you,” he whispered, his face a study in shocked fascination; it made Jensen squirm.

“Quit that…”

“What?” Jared mumbled distractedly.

“Quit staring and clean me up.”


“Oh.” Jensen rolled his eyes. Now that they were done, he felt his come, sticky and cooling, all over his chest and belly, but before he could do anything about it, Jared slumped over on him, smothering him with his heat, messing them both up until they were disgusting, and then he bent down and…licked Jensen’s eyebrow?

“Gotta learn to aim better, baby,” Jared said, chuckling. “Came all over the place,” he muttered as he sucked come off Jensen’s earlobe, and fuck, that was embarrassing and kind of stupidly hot, and Jensen wriggled deeper into the mattress, although he wasn’t sure if he was trying to get away or trying to get comfortable. Jared laughed. “Get up, let’s go have a shower and clean up - you’ve got come in your hair. Then we get some sleep, recharge our batteries in Bedroom Number 2, and we’re good to go in the morning.”

Jensen went. And under the warm drizzle of the rain shower in the luxurious ensuite, he let Jared pin him to the wall, hands splayed on the textured tile, legs spread and ass titled up, as he washed him clean of their come, Jared’s fingers very thorough over every inch of his skin, deliberate and focused as he fingered his ass clean, both of them panting and hard by the end of it, so Jared pushed inside him again, fucking him against the wall, slow and hard and deep, until Jensen came for the goddamned fifth time that night, Jared still pumping inside him, before he pulled out and came all over Jensen’s back.

He was boneless by the time Jared turned off the shower, mindless as Jared wrapped him up in a fluffy white towel and practically dragged him to bed again, defenseless when Jared pushed him down into soft white sheets that smelled of lavender and vanilla and then settled in beside him, head nestled over Jensen’s fast-paced heartbeat, arm tight around Jensen’s chest as he fell asleep.

“My Jensen,” he whispered just as he dropped off, kissing Jensen’s nipple. “Mine.”

Jensen hugged him close and held on tight. “Mine,” he agreed quietly and with a fierce conviction he’d never felt before.

Needless to say, they didn’t get in a lot of golf that weekend.

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  • Epiphany: Donna

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